How to use this:

  1. Items that are missing data are displayed on the right. You cann select one, or use the search if you want to correct another item
  2. Once you found the item you want to modify, click on the to add this item to the list on the left. You can add multiple items to this list (max 10)
  3. You cann modify the Access and Max Number of the items on the left pane. For Max Number, leave it empty if there is no limitation on how many time this item could be aquired
  4. When you have entered all the data on the items on the left, click on "Send it to FFBE Equip" to send it to FFBE Equip
  5. If the save is successful, the page will reload itself
  6. The data won't be corrected immediatly. I'll regulary merge the sent data to the main data of FFBE Equip.
Max Number